In the Life: Scrap Metal Men is a twelve-and-a-half minute documentary set in Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. This location is the site of the world’s largest e-waste dump, and we as an audience navigate this landscape by following the daily life of two scrap metal men, Chief and Life Owner. As we watch both men navigate their daily rituals of trading and selling metal through the terrain of the city; which alternates between the red-brown dust of the ground and the congested traffic of the roads. This documentary hopes to shed light on narratives that are often obscured and allows the subjects to be visible in way that has not been seen or done before.


In the Life: Scrap Metal Men is the first major documentary production by Alex Wondergem and Adu Lalouschek. Both filmmakers are of mixed Ghanaian heritage and Alex has spent the majority of his life living in Accra, Ghana. They met whilst studying for their respective B.A’s in Film & Television at the London College of Communication (University of The Arts London). Alex and Adu have worked together on various film projects, as well as starting up their own production company called Gold Storm Productions.

Adu and Alex also had help from the NAFTI film school based in Accra, which furthered the Ghanaian inclusivity of the project; something which is often overlooked by many Western filmmakers. The trailers are the first in the series of day in the life adventures that will continue to document individual and communal narratives in West Africa. This is an important step forward in broadening the narratives that we see in filmmaking, especially when it comes to Africa, a continent that is often misrepresented. It will also invite the audience into a larger conversation about issues that not only reside in West Africa but permeate around the world, and within our own lives. The connection the filmmakers have made by showing these individual narratives will unite many in a shared conversation and visual experience that extends beyond the documentary itself.